Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Midnight Sun Chapter 1

There is a loud knock on a mohgany door a man who looks like he is about the age of 17 gets out of bed and stumbles to the door. He looks outside and see's that it is his "father" charlisle the doctor. The young man gives him a glaring look as he heads out the door.
"Charlisle I do not understand why we have to start school for a hundreth time" he sighs
"Well Kid we have to cause i say so and plus we dont want people finding out our ages, if they find out that I am over 1,000 years old they'll freak"
The young kid sighs as he walks to the kitchen which they don't use but he picks up a backpack.
"What will we do at lunch time?"
"What you always do now get a move on, your siblings are waiting" Charlise sighs as he gets out himself so that he can go to work.
Three more perfect looking people are standing at the doorway to the garage they look annoyed as if they have been waiting for awhile.
"Edward where the fuck have you been?!" grumbles Emmet the tallest of the 3 others.
"I was talking to Charlise because of how stupid this is and wheres Jasper?" Edward asks as he looks around for Jasper, the one who looks like he's in pain.
"Well he said he was going to go to school later he had some 'business' to take care of" grumbles Rosalie jaspers seceret lover. Alice nods and the three of them head to the car.
Edward your in a very angsty mood
Alice get out of my head
But Edward when you get in a mood like this everyone can tell what your thinking.
They drive to the local highschool which is Forks Highschool today is the only day that all the students will be at the campus. Other day's are questionable they pull their nice Vovlo car into the parking lot. Students who arent as perfect turn around to take a look.
Their Jealous
Yea if i wasnt this good looking to Edward id be looking at you
What did I tell you Alice about being in my Head
Theres a new girl
yes new the one who looks like death But i dont know where she is
Why are you mocking me Alice
Because i want to
I told you get out of my Head
They head inside to each of their seperate classes for the day. Edward first has biology
"can you fill this sheet out for me?" Asks the girl at the front desk
Is this who Alice was talking about? She looks to clumsy but yet something something about her makes me want her bad
ha ha ha i told you so
Theres only one seat open...she'll have to sit by me, I have an attarction toward her...I cant seem to refuse it dont talk to her dont dont i say
ya dont or else you might try to do things...like that one time
The girl sits next to Edward and he looks away and acts all offened when in fact he is sexually attracked.
To Be Continued.....


  1. That was utterly.... absurd! That was horrible. If I read Midnight Sun, yours would be a disgrace! This is horrible! You can't even spell words right! You really need to get a life, man!

  2. who's this rewriting the story
    u have spellings wrong